Monday, August 17, 2009

A nice walk

Day 16, Kiveton Park back to Forest Top Lock

34 locks

I think that's a record for me, 34 locks in a day. Looking back through the log, I find that I used not to record these things quite so straightforwardly, but I don't think I've been anywhere it's possible to do that. Where might it be, theoretically, I wonder... That's counting the doubles and trebles as twos and threes, and we did have some help, from a splendid chap called Trevor, a lengthsman in all but name (because of course they don't actually employ lengthsmen any more), with flowing beard and hair and (whisper it) no lifejacket, but I did have a hand in every one, and I also walked from Thorpe locks to Worksop (and quite a few bits of the way back again), although I was disappointed to discover that this was only about four and a half miles; it seemed a lot further.

The weather has been lovely again today. I don't know why people are complaining about it, other than because of having had their hopes raised unrealistically, because this is the fourth year we've been boating in the first half of August, and this is by far the least rain we have had.


MoominPapa said...

34 locks? Mere bagatelle! The day we did Tardebigge and follow-ons, we totaled 42. Which as every hitch-hiker's fan knows, is the answer to life, the universe, and everything.

S said...

I knew it most be possible. Targebigge - bring it on!