Friday, January 18, 2008

Another pumpout for the collection

Here it is: the Bill Fen pumpout pump. Another one to put in the notebook. I was going to say not cheap at £10 plus blue, and you have to do it yourself (including starting the petrol engine), but I forgot that BW ones are now twelve quid, aren’t they? Been spoiled by the EA.

Best one we ever had I think was at Valley Cruisers on the Coventry; really scoured it out. One of the beauties of a good simple dump through toilet, once you overcome any initial squeamishness (and I never thought I would, but I have. Still not entirely sure whether that’s a good thing though), is that you can shine a torch down the hole and watch progress. Also, you can rinse it out with buckets of river water, sloshed straight down the hole, rather than faffing about with hoses and wasting fresh water. Even poke about with a stick, if necessary (although so far I have left that to Jim). There is a lot to be said for simplicity.

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Nev Wells said...


Poking the pyramid was obligatory on our shared ownership boat Sylph. Always my job however many competitions we invented during the cruise (looser stirs the tank etc) It is an altogether more acceptable experience on our own boat !