Sunday, January 13, 2008

Proof that boating makes you happy

One grumpy git. One teenage boy. Yet look, they're smiling! At each other.

Look closely and compare how many layers of clothing each is wearing. The weather for our Christmas trip, apart from the wind, was actually pretty much perfect. It was dry, sunny and not too cold (it was, thankfully, a south westerly wind). Even though, it was still December, and my attire generally comprised something like thin long sleeved vest; thick long sleeved vest; long sleeved t-shirt; short sleeved t-shirt; woolly jumper; fleece, all atop my lovely winter padded Rohan trousers, about four sizes too big but lovely and warm. Sebastian is wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and a cheap fleece. That's it (well, and trousers, obviously. I hope it's obvious, anyway). He simply does not feel the cold. The funny thing is, he doesn't feel the heat either. At the end of the day, dressed exactly the same, he was sitting six inches away from the back stove which was going like a blast furnace. I could scarcely stay in the cabin, but he didn't even notice.

This was at the optimistic beginning of the trip to Holme Fen. As you might imagine, sadly, the cheeriness didn't last.


Halfie said...

Very finely observed. I seem to remember reading an earlier entry where you mentioned keeping a hard copy archive of your blog. Was it you, or someone else? I hope you are preserving all this as there's a book here.

S said...

Oh yes, I print it off every month. You can't quite trust anything like you can trust paper.