Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Don't look

No really, DO NOT look. It is TOO horrible.

Is it
a. A salutary illustration from a Victorian healthy living book for boys
b. An aquatic creature uniquely native to the Middle Level. (No, eels DO NOT look like this*)
c. A cucumber that's been left in the (switched off) fridge for two months?

I was just grateful that the two months in question were November and December, not July and August. It made a nice welcome back to Warrior for Sebastian as he helpfully started putting the provisions away.

Anyway, I've come back with a hundred and fifty photos, some of them different, so will be posting them and recapping our holiday adventures over the next few days, to wring maximum value out of the experience. Most of them are nicer than this, but this was how the holiday started. Luckily it was in the salad drawer, so I could just tip it into a binliner (a proper, ooze-proof one, not a Rainbow bag), avert my eyes and tie it up before lifting it up and feeling its gruesome weight. Imagine having to pick it off (out of?) the shelf.
*Actually they might, for all I know. I've never seen one that wasn't chopped, cooked and jellied. I sincerely hope not though.


Boatwoman said...

Ewwwwwww that is not a pretty sight at all.

Happy New Year to you both, all the very best for 2008. I hope you have many happy hours of cruising.

Steve said...

Come on Sarah. Where's your sense of adventure. I've pickled worse than that!
All the best 2008. Steve

Red Dragon Man said...

* Actually eels can look very similar to this.
To achieve the appearance;
1) catch your eel and despatch it.
2) wrap it in cling film.
3) leave it in a switched off fridge for a couple of months.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that I moored near to people who did this kind of thing. Think I'll see about a move.........