Saturday, September 20, 2008

Aww, coot.

Now, where's my pipe?

In which I display my crappy wildlife photography. This family of coots in Little Venice kept me amused all day. The houseboat opposite us had three tyre fenders, all of which were in use by the coots. In the central one, they had built a nest, to which they were still constantly adding twigs and any old rubbish they could find in the canal - to the point that they couldn't actually get into it any more. At one point we had Mrs Coot (I like to assume) adding yet another finishing touch to her already rather overdressed boudoir, while Mr Coot retired to his tyre shed and Teenage Coot contemplated setting up in his own minimalist pad in the third desirable property.

I think I'll put the big subwoofer over there...

What this needs is a nice artistic arrangement of twigs...

Lovely study of rust 'n' rivets too.

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