Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sad story

A reliable source on CWF reports a very sad happening.

I am not going to come over all sanctimonious and do the why oh why oh why bit. It doesn't need saying.

Instead, here are some photos taken by Jim three weeks ago at Winkwell or thereabouts.


Lesley NB Caxton said...

Sorry, you will have to explain, what are we looking at here?

S said...

I'll make the link clearer

Elleona said...

Magnifiques photos !
Bonjour de France.

Anonymous said...

That is a pity.

I do like the comment from a poster on CWF (in response to:... such a terrible shame when our history is destroyed by wanton vandals)

"The cabin was built by Kevin Bull in the early 90's and was steel so not original"

You know you're in real enthusiast territory when somebody has to make that sort of thing clear.

Try the Ken Livingstone nasal voice: 'No, mother, actually: I think you'll find that was in fact a Heinkel 311 Mark IV that bombed us out of our home.'

Anonymous said...

Is that Winkwell swing bridge in the background? Great photos!

Anonymous said...

OK, I read the post more carefully, ignore my last question.

Anonymous said...

Praise indeed: thanks MP.

Hi Craig
It is even more rivet-counting and esoteric than it appears, The cabin was made by Keith Ball of Stretton Wharf, SU and is therefore so very, very 'right'. We were based at his yard when we had the engine 'done' and he was responsible for our extensive refitting. BTW I have got your camera case at home and will post it on.


S said...

Yes, one of the real anoraks would have got the name right...