Monday, September 01, 2008

Warrior update

Day 33, Uxbridge to Hemel Hempsted

Progress continues, albeit without me. I have just had the latest report in from the front. Warrior and Lucky Duck have progressed sixteen miles and twenty five locks (blimey!), breasted up with James steering and Amy and Jim locking. I think the breasting up is in the interests of efficient progress rather than of necessity (at least I hope). I gather also that they were getting instruction yesterday from Chris of Baldock in the art of using cross straps, but it involved splicing.

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James said...

Efficient progress, and also socialising; plus it meant that Jim wasn't stuck at the tiller all day.

I'm pleased to report the early succes of the "Warriorcise" exercise programme, consisting of speedwheel winding, gearlever pushing and pulling, and tiller shoving; maybe we should present it on GMTV and see if it becomes a fad.