Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reassuringly expensive

The boat of my dreams, the one whose photos I swoon over, the unattainable object of my desire, is up for sale. There's a broker's ad in last month's Canal Boat (I'm still catching up), and I think I've seen it advertised before.

I've followed it up to the website - one feeble photo and no further details; I've emailed them (no reply - obvious tyre kicker/drooler); and got Jim (credible male voice) to phone (answerphone).

So I shall have to make up my own details.
Nine year old boat.
Looking a bit neglected; needs painting and fair amount of TLC.
No windows.

No engine details; no interior photos (so fear the worst).


Yep. One hundred and eighteen thousand pounds.
£1873 for each of its sixty-three, nine-year-old, feet.

And probably worth nearly every penny.


Anonymous said...

as beautiful as she is no way will she be worth that much.

Area D said...

I was told a rule of thumb is 50% depreciation for a narrowboat every 10 years. That would mean Gazelle cost £236,000 ten years ago. I think the owner is living in la-la land if he expects to get more than £60000.

Keith Lodge said...

Having seen Gazelle a couple of times this year, I would have to agree with the previous two posts, because she is looking tired and in need of a good paint job.
We had our working boat built for far less than £118,000. In the present climate I think they will be hard pushed to acheive that figure. I wish them luck.