Sunday, September 07, 2008

Communications blackout

Days 37, 38 and 39: Soulbury Locks to Blisworth

Over that last couple of days, even I have been following WarriorDuck's progress on Lucky Duck's splendid blog, having been unable to maintain much in the way of telephone contact with Jim. After a very frustrating exchange of unanswered and cut off calls yesterday, it emerged today that this was due to a combination of the usual poor reception in Stoke Bruerne and the (possibly now also usual) five hour monsoon that prevented him leaving the boat.

Said deluge has also rendered the Nene impassable, but they are hanging on in Blisworth in the hope that matters will improve within a few days. The Blisworth Tunnel was negotiated without incident, the good ship WarriorDuck being transformed for the duration from a 54x14' catamaran into a 102' articulated narrowboat.

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