Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My photos have come!

Remember the excitement of actually having to send off your film to be developed? Well, I still do occasionally. The Canon Powershot is an excellent compact digital camera, and the vast majority of pictures on here are taken with it. But it's not a lot of good in low light, for example, and I really haven't got the hang of doing anything with digital other than using it on full auto mode. I dragged the trusty old agricultural Praktica around with us throughout August, and got it out twice. The second time was to use the long zoom lens for some wildlife photography - the coots in Little Venice - not great, but better than nothing. The first time* was at Teddington, when it was too dark to use the Canon. The weir was illuminated, and it was a fantastic sight. These photos don't really do it justice, but I was quite pleased, given that it was a longish exposure (I didn't time it but it must have been 15 or 20 seconds) and I was just sitting the camera on the foredeck cants and holding my breath.
*This is clearly incorrect, as I have just found a photo taken in Braunston Tunnel, which definitely came before Teddington.

Warrior update - the final instalment
Day 49, Peterborough to Ramsey

Yes, that's right: Ramsey. Warrior is home at last, and Jim is eating chips from the Madeira Fish Bar with Moominpapa. The WarriorDuck is no more. In a surprise twist, some very kind passing workmen from the Middle Level Commissioners welded the Duck's tiller back on for them, and they have gone on their way, independently, across the Middle Level towards the Ouse, the Cam and home at Upware. Last heard from, via text from Amy, at about half past seven in March. We wish you well Duckies; it was a great experience.

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Chris said...

Thanks for the shots of Gazelle I've seen it on a brokers site occasionally and wondered what it looked like for a price tag like that. Lovely lines.