Monday, September 29, 2008

Bird's eye view

We can't keep away. Jim only came back a week ago yesterday, but last weekend we were off to Ramsey again. On Friday we noticed a helicopter circling overhead but thought little of it - until Lyn told us that it had been hired by Mark to take aerial photos of the marina. There are a couple on their website but the best one is on the homepage here - just scroll down (and maybe across a bit). At the bottom out on the river (that's the High Lode) you can see the paint dock, looking rather better than when I photographed it as a rather tatty looking wooden frame. To find Warrior, go in the entrance to the marina, and turn right into the oblong basin. As you go in, that's Warrior second on your left, next to the short Springer. Beyond that basin is the caravan site, but the lovely CL is that round bit that sort of intrudes into the marina, with the carp pond surrounded by trees. It is a nice spot.

The first thing I did on arrival was to look at Jim's graining in the back cabin, and I am very pleased (and relieved) to be able to report that I like it a great deal, and we have decided that all the graining in the back cabin will now be redone in the darker shade, with the exception of the panels with the roses in. I didn't take any photos though, fool that I am. I think we might well also grain the bathroom, framing the roses in painted softwood moulding first. The elastoplast pink is rather wearing after a while, and also in places very tatty. There's no way we would paint over the roses, so whatever we decide to do we have to find some way to go around them. I think it would look rather nice grained, as it's another small space.


Red Dragon Man said...

I've moved the new photo to the left, thanks for pointing that out :)
If you want to drop me an email to the address on the photo gallery page, then I'll send you a photo I'm not using on the marina website that you might like .

Red Dragon Man said...

Convoluted sentence, or what?