Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Roll credits

Boating has transformed a pair of shy (me), curmudgeonly (ahem) people into the very soul of sociability. I added up that we met up with twenty-one people (and a dog*) on our trip; that is not just met and chatted with in passing, but entertained, drank with and more. In approximate order of appearance they were:
Jane and Graham (Alnwick): Cropredy hosts to whom we are eternally grateful.
Amy and James (Lucky Duck): Indomitable young things.
Keith and Barnaby (Industry Narrowboats): In a surprise appearance at Cropredy.
Mike and Seth* (Zulu Warrior): Accordion inspiration.
Ali, Janice, David and Natalie (Newport and Swindon): Relatives various.
Bones and Maffi (Bones and Millie M): Who made it all alright (with claret) after Osney.
and Steve (Ocelot, formerly of National D3 fame): Who brought back the doorstops.
Vicky and Craig (Eastbourne): Demon lockers.
Megan and Dean (Birkbeck College): Guerrilla administrators.
Chris and Lise (Baldock): Elusive Uxbridge pimpernels.

Thank you all. It wouldn't have been anything like the fantastic experience it was without you.

Warrior report
Day 35: Tring to Pitstone
Latest news from the front is that the crew of the catamaran Warrior Duck has been augmented by Amy's mum, and they have made it to Pitstone where they have been carousing in a 'strange' pub.

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