Monday, September 01, 2008

The trip in pubs

Eleven pubs - quite a shocking total really; an average of more than one every three days, and that's not even taking into account that we visited some of them more than once. Possibly even more than twice...

They were, in order of visiting:
The Bridge, Napton
Expensive food, and somewhat lacking in atmosphere, but very welcome at the time.
The Wharf Inn, Fenny Compton
Food better than might have been expected from exterior appearance, but a bit sterile.
The Brasenose Arms, Cropredy
Tatty, packed, chaotic - and fantastic.
Festival Bar, Cropredy
A festival bar. Sold beer efficiently in vast quantities. Most expensive beer of the trip.
The Red Lion, Cropredy
Talbot Inn, Eynsham
Best surprise of the trip. Unpromising from the outside, but great, good food, friendly staff, nice surroundings and Arkells beer straight from the barrel.
The Crown, Lechlade
Nice proper pub-type pub, with chinchillas and quiz
The Swan, Radcot
Disappointing. Indifferent food and very grudging service.
The Grapes, Limehouse
Great experience, packed, food surprisingly reasonable.
The Warwick Castle, Little Venice
Lovely pub a street away from the canal. Again, reasonably priced food, especially for London. On Wednesdays at any rate.
The Swan and Bottle, Uxbridge
Not bad for a chain pub.

All in all the pubs were a very positive experience. Nowhere was the beer any less than good, for starters. Some of the food was better than others, but none was truly dreadful.

Joint losers, the Red Lion - which we were told was the better of the two Cropredy pubs, but which when we visited was full of herberts in football shirts, whereas the Brasenose seemed much more of a 'festival' pub - and the Swan at Radcot, where they had petty rules about where they would and wouldn't serve food, and were generally rather unfriendly and indifferent.

Winner, in the end, all round on points, the Talbot at Eynsham.

Hon menshes to the Warwick Castle and the Grapes.

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