Thursday, September 04, 2008

Short and sweet

Warrior Report
Day 36, Pitstone to Soulbury Three Locks

In the latest report from the front I learn that WarriorDuck has suffered the slight inconvenience of getting wedged in a narrow bit, and the disaster of running out of teabags. Sack the quartermaster, I say.


Harryman said...

Don't hurry up the GU -- we've just come off the Nene at Peterborough and the 'Strong Stream Advice' notices have just gone up which I believe means some locks get 'reversed' so you can't use them. Fingers crossed that the rain stops before you get near there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
We met at the Napton banter, (Sue1946). I found your blog via another (Caxton, I think!). I did a Cream Tea Cruise from Pitstone on Sunday with a local choir group. We had a great time, but, of course, I had no idea that Warrior was so near. so now I need to carry on backtracking to see why you are ashore and how WarriorDuck are doing!

S said...

Hi Sue, I remember you. Hope you enjoy all the holiday tales.