Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Small world

Amazingly (to me at any rate) I've been in my job two years now, and today I met a new lecturer whom I'm to be 'mentoring' (not sure how much use I shall be, but I shall do my best). Her name's Kezia and I'd already been told that she lived on a boat, but I tried not to get too excited; probably in an estuary or something, I thought. But no, she lives on a narrowboat, moored on Lisson Wide, through where we passed only the other week. Not only that, but when she showed me a photo of her boat, Demetrius, I remembered having seen it. I thought I might even have taken a photo, but it turns out that I didn't. Then she went on to say that the first thing she was going to do, having got the new job, was to get the boat painted. The guy who's going to do it, she said, owns these boats - and showed me a photo of the butty we'd been tied up to in Little Venice, whose owner we'd chatted to at length. Now I know it's a small world, but that is rather extraordinary timing.

Warrior report
Day 34, Hemel Hempstead to Tring

Following another enjoyable day, Warrior and Lucky Duck are now at Tring, where they will meet Amy's mum tomorrow lunchtime and introduce her to the delights of the Marsworth flight.

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