Friday, September 19, 2008

Light in the middle of the tunnel

Yes, OK, it's not great, but I was amazed it came out at all. Our light in Braunston Tunnel, oh so long ago back in early August and hopefully pointing downwards and to the right in the proper fashion. Where I was sitting behind the light, I recall, it was actually pitch black. I asked Baz to fetch the camera and groped for it in the dark, balancing it, I think on the milk churn which usually provides the seat for the searchlight operator.

I like tunnels. You can be alone with your thoughts in them; communication is all but impossible and it's a kind of sensory deprivation experience. But also, they can't have changed as much as everything else, so it's a link with the past too.


James said...

You could have that photo blown up to a large size, and sell it as "modern art"... ;)

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

You should really point your tunnel light slightly up and to the right so that it doesn't dazzle oncoming boaters, if it points down or straight it reflects into their eyes off the water.

S said...

Mmm. Perhaps that's what I meant. Fortunately it was academic this time.