Monday, March 26, 2007

Another busy day

Another killer title. Not. I've actually been mostly doing work-type work today, finally getting on with a book review that's been driving me mad for weeks (I think the fresh air helped). It has been a lovely, sunny day, the first real hint of what's (hopefully) to come, and I sat out on the foredeck looking down* the Shroppie towards the aqueduct.

Yes, as promised, we were back in the water first thing, on the outside so all the lucky people on the towpath opposite can get a good look. I put some finishing touches to the engine this morning, hence another photo of it (hopefully) while Jim did the roof, stripping out the bits that the grit didn't reach, filling some small areas of pitting, and getting some more primer on. I polished the brass protruberances. And finally got my bit of lace pinned up in the table cupboard.

Despite - or perhaps because of - the early start, the day flew by, and felt very productive.

*I think.

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