Friday, March 23, 2007

Waiting nervously ...

Ian left the RN works at Daventry, with Warrior's engine on a trailer, an hour and a half ago, struggling through the Friday night traffic on the A5. We are sitting - or in my case standing - on the boat awaiting his arrival. It is very nailbiting stuff. The container is ready to receive it, and Jim has built a ramp to help get it in, but we're still not sure quite how that is going to be achieved. And it's just starting to get dark.

It has actually been an exciting day since this time yesterday, when we heard, quite unexpectedly, that Warrior had been craned out and the cabin shotblasted. We had planned to do this, but were expecting to talk about it this week. Still, it makes a very nice change to have things done sooner than you expect them. Warrior looks like a different boat now in red oxide effect primer. The first coat was sprayed on and we will add a couple more - Jim has already made a start. This will definitely be a vast improvement when we go to the RN rally, and we like it so much we are having second thoughts about our plans to paint the cabin dark grey. I always quite fancied red oxide anyway ...

I'll try to get a photo up tomorrow along with the latest news. Thanks to our elevated position (out of the water) I am actually writing this indoors today, at the kitchen counter with the side hatch open, but a sheet of perspex in it, so am relatively warm. Which is nice.

Stop press - he's just arrived!!!!!!!!!

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