Thursday, March 15, 2007

More launches than Harland and Woolf

Seem to be launching everything but the boat this week. Fresh (or rather, not so fresh) from last night's event (see below) I'm writing this now because I'll be out at another launch event tonight (it's a funny concept, when you think about it, isn't it. The way most of these things work it's rather like launching a boat when it's already been in the water for the best part of six months). Tonight we are launching this, in Stratford (atte Bowe, not upon Avon). Love the colour scheme!

The engine's date with destiny will not (to no one's great surprise) be this weekend. The new casting has been found: it was not actually lost, but no one thought to look for it in an enormous crate which was presumed to contain something else entirely. But there it was. It's being (or possibly been) machined this week. However, transport won't be available to take it up to Warrior until the weekend after next, and nor, possibly, will somewhere to paint it. We're going anyway this weekend, though, to have another attempt at meeting an electrician; a new one this time. We might also get started on the new seats, if the ply has arrived by tomorrow.

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