Saturday, March 17, 2007

What we did today

Jim put a new base and a shelf in the table cupboard.

I swept up all the sawdust, then gave the inside if the table cupboard a coat of cream paint - a vast improvement on the previous deep pink. Another coat tomorrow should finish the job.

Jim broke the glass of the oil lamp in the cabin.

We went to Midland Chandlers and bought some sealing string for the stove, some paint for the back of it, some glue to stick the string in with, and a new glass for the lamp.

We discovered that the new glass was the wrong size.

We wrestled with the fridge door. Jim was very keen to rehang it on the opposite side since rearranging the kitchen. Unfortunately somewhere down the line we'd lost the top hinge. Next door neighbour to the rescue - his job is to drive the lorry that collects all the old fridges that people have thrown out to bring them to the one (?) site in the country licenced to remove the CFCs, and he collected a selection for us. We found the right one, but it was a real battle to get the door fitted correctly. To make matters harder (if ultimately neater) the fridge is a very tight fit in its cabinet, which meant that ...

Jim fitted a vent in the worktop above the fridge.

Jim went back to Penkridge to exchange the new lamp glass for one the right size.

On fetching it from the car, he dropped it on the ground and it broke.

I cleaned and polished the French stove, following its internal repairs.

Jim put up the new tiles he 'made' to fill the gap behind the stove. They look fine and I don't think you'd notice them unless you were looking.

I cleaned the tiles, tidied up and swept the floor.

It was still light when I started writing this now, and now it's dark. But I was very impressed that I managed to upload a photo yesterday with the T-Mobile card, given the reception here. Won't push my luck tonight though.

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