Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Painting the roof

We came home today, because rain was forecast for the next couple of days. Still managed to get a second coat of raddle red onto the roof and dry before we left though (which wasn't, in the event, until late afternoon). Warrior was looking absolutely lovely in red oxide, with the portholes all polished - and we've had to leave it looking like a scruffy old wreck again as we have to cover the roof with a selection of tarpaulins and plastic sheets held on with various bits of disgusting string and scrap metal, and an old tyre, because the roof isn't watertight. Having cleaned all the old sealant out of the panel where the engine will go in, it isn't worth redoing it now until the engine is actually back in.

Still, no photo of it looking disreputable. Instead, here is Jim painting the roof this morning.

And here's a funny thought: from lunchtime on Saturday until teatime today (Wednesday) I didn't set foot outside the boatyard, and in fact strayed barely a few yards in either direction from the bank. And yet I didn't feel at all deprived or constrained; indeed, I didn't even think about it until we left.

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