Thursday, March 22, 2007

Boxing clever

Here are the new seat boxes - so far. They're still to have some lovely moulding put around the fronts and the end that will show. The lids extend over the back to make a good deep seat, and we've deliberately not made them too high (13") so they should be more comfortable than the usual high, shallow dinette seats. The boxes can be used for storage of things that won't be needed very often, as to get in them will necessitate taking all the cushions off (not that that's much of a job, would probably take all of ten seconds), then the lids will just lift up and hopefully slide over the back. If not, then they can be lifted out of the front.

The box tops are 28" square (made to fit the cushions we already had) and pulled apart with a board between them they should make an adequate bunk for a thin person, should one be required. But the primary purpose is to provide comfortable, attractive seating. By the stove. For me.

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flatplane8 said...

Looks good, i might do a similar thing if my futon cubes don't work out. :)