Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bump 'n' grind

Oh god, sorry, couldn't resist.

Grinding because Jim is not happy with the finishing of the welds on much of Warrior. Apart from looking a bit, well, clumsy, in places like here and around the gunwales it will make it much harder to get a neat paint finish. So he's grinding them down. I fear this may prove to be a never-ending task, but I have to admit it does look better, although I didn't really mind the previous rather rough and ready look. But what do I know about welding? Apart from the fact that it terrifies me, bugger all.

And bump because - well, look at our new fenders. Made by Joe Hollingshead, and another lovely surprise (not a present, though, unfortunately, I suspect) when we turned up on Friday. I mean, we had agreed to have them the last time we were there, but hadn't expected anthing so soon. We have now brought them home so that we can soak them in creosote (or, sadly, creosote substitute) without risk to canal life, and if we do this regularly, Joe tells us, they should last ten years.


Anonymous said...

Is that the Joe Hollingshead who worked 'Mountbatten, he gave me his water can for 'Vesta' when he ceased trading in the 1960's.A happy memory

S said...

I expect so. He's the one who made the fenders for Dover on the TV show ... Delighted you're still reading this.