Saturday, March 24, 2007

Today's progress

Nothing witty or exciting today (huh! is there ever?) but steady progress involving paint. We went to see Phil at Craftmaster this morning for advice and paint, and came away with quite a lot of both. For the temporary paint job we will have another couple of coats of primer followed by two coats of Craftmaster Raddle Red. That will see us through two months or two years (hopefully only the former will be required). Jim is busy getting the cabin sides done as much as possible before the boat goes back in the water on Monday - first thing, we have been sternly warned. The roof can be done once in.

For my part, I have been entrusted with painting the engine. It is a very slow process as the thing is now fully assembled, so there are lots of fiddly bits, bits that are difficult to get at, and bits that must be avoided. I have done some of it with a half inch brush, and a surprising amount with a small artist's brush, which I have now, unfortunately, broken, by wiping it too roughly on a rag. The revolting green paint looks lovely. The engine will need two coats; I doubt if I'm half way through the first one yet.

We're off to the pub now. Cheers!

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