Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's this then?

I seem to have posted every day now for over a week, so now feel honour bound to keep it up. Not really having any news today, I thought I might just post a pretty picture, but then I found these. This is the boat I mentioned in a post ages ago - too long ago to go trawling through the archive to find a link - in which I was wondering about its provenance, and, indeed, its construction. I did in fact write a rather rambling post about it late one night after returning from the Birkbeck bar, but - and this is the only time I have done this - immediately deleted it for fear of displaying too much ignorance. But there's no getting away from it; if you want to learn, you have to take that risk sometime. So, what can I tell from looking at this boat? Am I right in thinking that it's wooden? Does that automatically mean it's old? Does that in turn mean that it's been shortened? And what else can I tell from its construction, its shape?


S said...

OK then, I'll comment as no one else has - though in fact I took a serendipitous opportunity to ask about this on Canalworls, and got a really good asnwer - thanks Carl. Thread is here:

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Well, that didn't work, did it.
Try again: