Monday, August 20, 2007

And on we go

Day 17
Cambridge to GOBA moorings at Flat Bridge, just short of Earith

After a morning's sightseeing in Cambridge - and this time we did look at some colleges, along with lots of Japanese tourists (the classic British tourist sight) - we left after lunch. I still love Cambridge to bits. The fact that it has a grim shopping centre built in not 1968, or 1978, but 1998 - my god, didn't they know better by then? - diminished my passion only slightly.

Back through Baits Bite and Bottisham locks for the fourth time, and by teatime back onto the Ouse - much narrower here than before Popes Corner, much more desolate, much lovelier.

Back in T-Mobile no-man's land, so usual story with the photos.


Anonymous said...

Saw you arrive at St Ives in the rain - you seemed to be trying to move part of the bank with your bows - hope you have a good stay

Dave Wood

S said...

Hello Dave Wood - which boat are you? Indeed, that was our third attempt at getting in, having turned and overshot twice, this time we turned it in situ. And then had to move it again later cos we were the wrong side of a firebreak! Come by and say hi sometime