Friday, August 03, 2007

Boating hat

Well here we are, back in Atherstone, ready to begin our epic journey. I have put in my boating earrings, laced up my boating boots, and donned (and subsequently doffed) my boating hat. There is, as yet, no photograph of the Boating Hat, but there will be, I'm sure. A couple of years ago Jim bought me a really classy, expensive straw hat, which naturally I don't dare to wear anywhere near water for fear of it blowing off and falling in. So I just put up with getting sunburnt. Until I found the boating hat (c. 1970) at a jumble sale the other week. It's washed up a treat, fits like a ... hat, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

I am sincerely going to try to post every day of this trip, and if I don't it'll most likely be because I can't get a signal. The plan is to leave early tomorrow morning. Right, now we've had our Nightingales pie we're off to the Market Tavern before saying a final goodbye to lovely Atherstone.

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