Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rosie and Jim (and Jim)

And Lucy and Michael, and Saoirse and Sean ... all came out with us for a trip on Warrior today. We left Cambridge, picked them up in Fen Ditton and went on to the Bridge at Clayhithe, then just for fun, on to (and through) Bottisham lock before turning round and coming back again. The weather gave us its full repertoire from sunshine (admittedly very little) to downpour, but a jolly good time was had by all, I think. Then we came back to Midsummer Common and tied up to Pyxis again.

By the way, I think Cambridge is very heaven. Haven't been to the city centre yet, nor seen nary a college, but just this bit to the east of the city is wonderful. Lovely houses, greens and commons, loads of little terraces, loads of little terrace pubs ... reminds us of the best bits of how Brighton used to be, only without the hills. Thanks to Craig's (from Pyxis) guidance, we visited four pubs last night, and they were all excellent. They were, for the record, the Kingston Arms, the Cambridge Blue, the St Radegund and the Champion of the Thames.

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