Saturday, August 04, 2007

Interesting boat of the day

Kew (the River Class one)

Actually seen yesterday too, in the lock at Atherstone, but I didn't have the camera with me then, so was very glad to catch it again today. Very taken with the blue-top cabin roof. Also seen today, Lily (looking rather scorched round the hatches but sounding lovely), Badger, Lichfield and Corona.


Whitewater said...

The boat would have been used by youth groups, normally scout groups in the 60's. It was a way of keeping some of the old working boats, working, just in different form.

Anonymous said...

Kew was built for BW in 1959, among the last working boats made. The present owners bought it in 1967, I believe, swept out the coal dust from the hold, and lived aboard for five years while converting it. I had the huge privilege of staying on Kew at St. Ives for the IWA National Festival, and then helping move it from Wellingborough to Gayton two weekends later. Originally a butty, David retained the rudder and installed a Lister SR3 engine. The cooling air blasts out of a vent just to the left of the slide: comfortable on a cold day, but not quite so welcome on a hot one!

John H.