Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Come and say hello!

If you're here, or if you're coming later in the week, come and say hello to Warrior and us. We're on mooring 2G1, not far out from the main site and on the inside, the better to show off the engine. If you want to see/hear it running, you'll have to come between 6 and 7.30 pm or 8.30 and 10 am as that's the only time we're allowed to run them. The people in front of us were running their (very quiet) generator ten minutes early this evening, and in no time a man with a clipboard had pounced.

We have been and got our pack, and put up the plaque. We have collected our wristbands (gold!) and ... wait for it ... VOLUNTEERED! Actually, Jim wanted to volunteer, and I didn't, so off he went ... and came back with a special T-shirt, just for handing out brochures for two hours on Saturday. So I thought, I want one of those, and sent him back to volunteer me too. As a result I now have not only a T-shirt, but a page and a half of safety instructions. Hopefully neither hard hat nor lifejacket will be required for brochure duties. I was particularly taken with the warning about 'toxic mud'. Just as well they said, as I was planning to serve some up for dinner tomorrow, but now I guess we'll just have to have tinned curry again.

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