Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hello Granny! Goodbye son!

Yes, we actually saw Granny Buttons herself on our way back from Coventry. Unlike Andrew, we didn't have the camera quite to hand, so can't return the favour of posting a nice pic of her.

Just about getting things wrapped up at work now, and getting the final bits of packing done at home. Over the last three visits to Warrior we've taken most of the clothes and equipment we'll need for the trip, and we'll get provisions in Atherstone before we leave. This is all so that we can avoid taking the car, and thus avoid all the hassle of getting the car to where the boat will be etc etc... The train tickets are all booked: £24 apiece from here to Atherstone, not bad, and £12 each back from Whittlesea (that's how the railway people spell it), which is a positive bargain.

We also booked tickets for Baz to come with us, and to go home half way through from March (he's off to France with some friends) but sadly he's discovered a more pressing engagement. I know it's common for teenage boys to prefer not to accompany parents on family holidays ... but because they've got tickets for Glyndebourne? And for The Turn of the Screw at that. Still, it is an unmissable opportunity for him - he clearly enjoyed himself last time ...

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