Sunday, August 12, 2007

The obligatory booze cruise

Evening of day 8
Ramsey High Lode to The George, Forty Foot Bridge, Ramsey Forty Foot

Last night the Shotbolts decided that there was another pub we really needed to visit - by boat this time. So we went off in procession, Revenge leading and Warrior following to The George at Forty Foot Bridge, about forty minutes away. Had a few pints of Waggledance there, and then headed back, with us in the middle of a convoy of three this time, having met Mark and Sue at the pub.

John was playing his favourite rock music, so I got out the CD player and my Leonard Cohen CDs, singing along to So Long Marianne and Sing Another Song Boys, staring up at the great wide sky, three white swans illuminated in the tunnel light - absolutely magical. Back to the marina with me swinging the tunnel light like a searchlight (which is pretty much what it is really) to locate the entrance; tied up alongside Revenge ... then off into the town for a few more drinks at the Railway ... and a curry (first time I've ever done that!), and back to the boat about midnight.

At the George they have a visitors' book for boaters, which I duly signed (Warrior back on its home waters at last, I put), and which is a little mine of history. Lyn found the comment she'd written on December 23rd 1995, on Warrior's maiden voyage, and on the back of one of the pages was a sketch of a castle by Martin Duiker, who painted Warrior's copious (and gorgeous) roses and castles and shortly afterwards decamped to Australia never to be seen or heard of again.

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