Saturday, August 25, 2007

Now I'm a blue top too!

I went and did my stint handing out brochures at the entrance. It was, at last, very hot and sunny, but the field was of course still very muddy - sticky mud now, rather than the liquid variety - and I was made by much of the paying public to feel personally responsible for it.

Funnily, given how I've been complaining about some of the volunteer workers and the organisation here, as soon as I put that blue T-shirt on I fely honour bound to defend them. Some hardy souls, on seeing the mud, simply took their shoes off (Glastonbury veterans, I guess). Others, showing great dedication and initiative, sped back into town to buy up St Ives' entire stock of wellington boots between them. But some people turned up n the most absurd, ridiculous footwear for walking around a show, even if the ground had been bone dry. I had one person complain to me that when they complained about the mud, another volunteer had said 'Well, don't go in then'. The other volunteer in question was, of course, Jim - but it seemed a reasonable point nonetheless.

After completing our stint we went for a quick look at the festival itself, mainly looking for lunch. We were overjoyed to see that the Kent and East Sussex Canals Restoration Group were once again running their Indian food stall, where we will lunch every day from now on. Then we had to come back to make the kebabs for the barbecue. I'll go back and have a proper mooch about tomorrow.

To make our day complete, we received a visit from Granny Buttons' Andrew.

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